Customer Reviews of One Breath at a Time and Other Products


One Breath at a Time brings me an immediate sense of Self. Very powerful! I have given several copies to family, friends, and colleagues!”

—A. Laurence, Founder, PeopleMatter

“With arresting video images shot all over the world, Winchell takes the viewer through a variety of breathing patterns geared to energize, heal or calm. Her voice is distinctive and soothing."

—Susan Morgan, ArtBeat, Anchorage Daily News

“First I got your video. Wow! Then I got the CD to use in my headphones. Double Wow! The words have changed my life!"

—P. Avants/ Nurse

“I had no idea there were so many ways to breathe!  I wish I would have known about this when I was younger."

—M.P. Wright, Grandmother, age 78

“During times of intensity, I love hearing the little voice in my head that says, Keep Breathing!  Thank you."

—J. Gwen Kennedy Ph.D.

“Winchell narrates instructions while the viewer watches dozens of pictures of people living. Cheerleaders celebrate, Native people dance. Kids play. "The most common denominator of all human beings is breath," says Winchell."

—Ann Potempa, Just Breathe, Anchorage Daily News

“My first reaction after viewing One Breath at a Time was to make sure that all the important people in my life received a copy. I use it on a regular basis to help minimize the stresses of everyday life, and it works in a magnificent way. Outstanding!"

—J. Stinson, Mother/Human Resources


Keep Breathin’ has been a creative and fun video for our whole family — and neighborhood kids too. We've played it so often over the past few years and our children always get a kick out of the exercises. Pure healthy fun!”

—R. Jordan, Teacher/Father

“I like doing the shoulder squeeze and I like the silent breathing part at the end.”

—Nick, age 8

“I feel all stretched out!”

—Shayna, age 10

“I like to 'shake it out!”

—Renee, age 7

“Our family has watched Keep Breathin' so often that we wore out a copy of the video tape! It never fails to make us feel good, mentally and physically. What a great thing for our kids to get hooked on!”

—S. Fleischman, Father/Statistician

“Watching Keep Breathin' has been especially great for my daughter. It has really been a significant, positive thing in her life! I keep thinking that other kids would like it and benefit from it, too.”

—D. Burwen, Mother/Biologist

“For ten years I have been using Keep Breathin' in my special education classroom. My students love the video! The music and lyrics make the stress reducing exercises lots of fun. The students learn personal management skills and enjoy a fun peer activity. I also see improvement in self-esteem and overall health. My copy is wearing thin, please send me another one.”

—B. Burnett, Special Ed Teacher, 25 yrs