Mary Alice Winchell

Mary Alice Winchell, photo: Ken Gray

Breath is the most common denominator of all human beings; it is your Life Force. Breathing is your will to live and your life insurance. Purposeful breathing is empowering, pain relieving, and energy giving.

Your breath is the FIRST and ONLY thing you cannot do without. 

Learning to control your breathing is your key to mental, physical, and emotional health. Breathing exercises change the chemistry of the brain, and different breathing patterns are used for different purposes: some soothe and stabilize, some stir and energize, and some release and relax.

You can easily learn to change the rate, depth, and quality of your breathing. You can use your breath consciously for personal development and the healing of disease. Focused breathing makes you feel better, live better, and work better!

The Power of Purposeful Breathing

Right breathing affects your Respiratory System and helps improve asthma, sinus problems, headaches, allergies, coughs, colds, and lung conditions. Oxygen is miracle food. Purposeful breathing also:

strengthens the immune system . . . raises energy levels . . . builds endurance

expands memory . . . soothes the nervous system . . .increases focus

stimulates creativity . . . cleanses blood cells . . . improves circulation

acts as an anti-depressant . . . lowers blood pressure . . . decreases anger

reduces cravings and addictions . . . burns fat . . . eases fears, phobias, and panic attacks

balances emotions . . . helps regulate sleep . . . slows the aging process

NOTE: If at any time you feel dizzy, lightheaded or experience shortness of breath, stop exercising and rest. NEVER PRACTICE WHILE OPERATING A MOVING VEHICLE. Consult a physician before undertaking any new exercise program.